Gaming on the Pro1

Gaming at home

When we don’t have our heads in our work, we have been keeping ourselves entertained at home by gaming on the Pro1. We are discovering games that are compatible with the physical keyboard, which is especially great, if like us you enjoy racing or FP shooting games such as Asphalt9 or Call of Duty. For most of us, gaming is great at distracting us from everything that is going on at the moment, and is keeping us entertained whilst spending time at home.

Gaming options

The play store has a huge selection of keyboard friendly games to choose from ranging from old school, retro inspired games such as Bob’s World and ToonBlast, to more recent action packed racing games like Asphalt9. We have also been downloading emulators as many of us grew up paying those consoles and handheld, so that we can play Metal Slug and Mario Kart using the physical keyboard. Emulator games play much better with physical keys and for the first time since we can remember, it’s now possible to fire up your favourite emulator game and play it on your smartphone with actual keys to press. 

What games are the team playing at home?

Here the our favorite games for you to try at home on your Pro1:  

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Asphalt9
  • Emulators Drastic, for NDS

Let us know your favourite games on the Pro1?