What have we been up to?

Although we have been a little quiet recently a lot has been going on at F(x)tec HQ. The team has been extremely busy behind the scenes overseeing the manufacturing and production of the Pro1 devices, meeting our customers and attending tech awards/events. To summarise, we wanted to give you the lowdown on just SOME of the things we have been doing over the last six months:


  1. London community event in June – we invited our customers down to our offices to meet the team and check out an early prototype of the Pro1. It was great to meet everyone and of course gauge invaluable feedback on their initial Pro1 experience. 
  2. Tokyo and Dusseldorf hands-on community events in July – both cities exceeded our expectations and we had a brilliant turn out! The atmosphere was lively and we thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating and discussing our Pro1 smartphone with everyone. We also had a free sushi for our Dusseldorf customers which went down a treat!
  3. New York hands-on community event – In August some of the F(x)tec team travelled to the big apple to meet and greet our US customers. Here we enjoyed a couple of drinks at a rooftop bar to celebrate the Pro1 and talk all things keyboard until the late hours of the night!
  4. Berlin IHS Markit Innovation Awards at IFA in September –  you may have already seen some information about this award on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/thefxtec/?viewAsMember=true, But if not.. here it is again! Our very own IHS Markit Innovation Award celebrating some of the most innovative technology products from 2019. We are so proud to receive the award and it was an honour for the team to be recognised for the hard-work so far. Well done team F(x)tec!
  5. Manufacturing and shipping updates from China – October – Our recent trip to China was very exciting! We spent the last week overseeing production of the first batch of Pro1 devices and finalising the smartphones before shipping. One insight into the warehouse which you may be unaware of is the time it takes to produce each device. Each Pro1 takes roughly 4 – 5 hours to assemble due to the intricacy of the slide out qwerty keyboard mechanism and this is one of the reasons it has taken us so long to complete. We are purposefully taking our time to ensure we are making the best qwerty keyboard device for our customers. Thank you for your patience!


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