Pro1-X – shipping next week!

Dear Fxtec community,


We just wanted to share with you some exciting news regarding the long-awaited Pro1-X smartphone.


Firstly, we are incredibly proud of how far we have come since launching the Pro1-X on Indiegogo back in 2020. We have received a tremendous amount of support from customers and Indiegogo backers – all of whom have been incredibly supportive, waiting ever so patiently for the Pro1-X.


Those of you that have been following us over the last 18 months, know that this has undoubtedly not been the smoothest sailing journey for us. Yes, we have faced a number of challenges along the way, which has resulted in a delay in the mass manufacturing and shipping dates that we had originally planned for. However, we have come out the other side and are now ready to start shipping devices out to you all. 


The Pro1-X will be shipped in two batches, batch 1 will ship next week (commencing the 18th of July), and batch 2 will ship in August. This will fulfill all of the website orders and Indiegogo perks. 


To stay up to date with Pro1-X progress and shipping updates, please keep an eye out on our  Indiegogo page and Twitter profile:


We are so excited to finally start shipping out the Pro1-X to all of our wonderful customers and Indiegogo backers. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to drop us an email via [email protected]!


Team F(x)tec :)

Broken smartphone screen repair guide 2021

Help! I have a broken smartphone screen.

Broken smartphone screen

At some point we will all need our phones repaired through no fault of our own – accidents happen! Dropping your phone without a screen protector and cracking the screen or causing accidental water damage are realities we know far too well. Can my broken smartphone screen be repaired? Is it easy to fix? How affordable is a broken smartphone screen to repair? What phone will I use in the meantime? All of these questions we find ourselves asking when we have a broken handset are definitely not fun. 

We rely on our smartphones now more than ever and use them as our daily driver for work, communication and down time. Especially with so much of our time recently being spent at home over lockdown, our technology habits and media consumption is continuously on the rise. This places increasing importance on 1) the accessibility of smartphone repair shops and 2) overall device repairability. Customers want speed, convenience and affordability when it comes to fixing their broken smartphone screen. At the end of the day, it is cheaper to repair or fix your existing smartphone than it is to buy a brand new replacement handset. Smartphones with easy repairability and spare parts can massively extend the shelf life of your device whilst saving you some serious $$$ in the long run.

Repairing your Pro1/Pro1-X

Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to go to a phone repair shop to fix your broken smartphone. At F(x)tec, our phones have been engineered with a durable design that is super easy to repair. The Pro1 and Pro1-X’s identical hardware have been purposefully designed for full repairability from the comfort of your own home. Without sacrificing functionality or design. Spare parts are available for direct shipping from our support HQ, and will be sold directly from our website in the upcoming months.

How to fix your broken smartphone screen

We have created a step-by-step repair guide to show you exactly how to replace your broken smartphone screen at home and how to disassemble your Pro1/Pro1-X piece by piece.

Replacing your broken smartphone screen and disassembling your device.

This is the preferred option for many of our Pro1 customers, as you won’t need to worry about being without a phone for any period of time, and can avoid the stress of finding a temporary phone whilst your broken smartphone screen is being repaired. Click the following link to watch the full video:

  1. How to replace your broken smartphone screen yourself 


  1. You will need a plastic prying tool, tweezers, and a small screwdriver.
  2. Remove the 5 plastic stickers on the back of the display to reveal the screws. Unscrew all 5 using the screwdriver.
  3. Detach the display from its mount using the prying tool. Carefully detach the connector flex.
  4. Connect your new display and click it back into place. 

  1. How to disassemble your Pro1(X)

Our second video demonstrates exactly how to disassemble your Pro1 (X) for any other service requirements:


  1. You will need: a plastic prying tool, tweezers and a small screwdriver.
  2. Remove the 5 plastic stickers on the back of the display to reveal the screws. Unscrew all 5 using the screwdriver.
  3. Detach the display from its mount using the prying tool. Carefully detach the display connector. 
  4. Remove the 3 plastic stickers from the main body and the remaining 2 plastic screw covers from the display mount. 
  5. To access the screws behind the display mount on the main body, place the screwdriver between the hole on the display mount that was covered by a plastic sticker. There are 3 screws you need to remove: one on the left, one on the right and one in the middle. This step can also be done by removing the 3 long screws near the hinges on the front side of the display mount. 
  6. Take off the 2 plastic stickers near the keyboard to reveal 2 more screws, and unscrew them.
  7. Remove the sim card tray.
  8. Open the frame of the device with the plastic prying tool and carefully disconnect the connectors on the side of the frame.
  9. Remove the metal shield that covers the battery connector and then disconnect the battery.
  10. If needed, you will also be able to easily remove and replace the display connector.

Disassemble your smartphone

Our FAQ page provides more information on what to do if you have dropped your phone and broken your screen, and how to get a replacement screen shipped to you directly.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

2020 has been an incredibly unpredictable year for all of us at F(x)tec. but before we welcome 2021, we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has made the last 12 months possible –  our customers and our ever growing community, we couldn’t have done this without you!  It’s been nearly two years since our small team set out to create a keyboard smartphone like never before, and since then, our passionate community has grown before our eyes, all of whom share the common interest of technology, productivity, functionality and of course smartphones. Our journey has been made all the more special thanks to the ongoing patience, support and feedback, especially over the last 12 months. So thank you all!

With Christmas fast approaching, we are now winding down and officially shutting our doors from the 23rd December. We will continue to run a skeletal team up into the New Year. Please be patient with email responses over the next couple of weeks, as we may take longer than usual to get back to you.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the entire team at F(x)tec, and thank you once again for all your support throughout the year. Here’s to 2021 🎉🎉🎉



Our Indiegogo Campaign has officially ended

The last 6 weeks have flown by, and our Indiegogo campaign has now officially ended. We cannot thank each and everyone of our backers enough for all of the positive comments and feedback we have received over the last 6 weeks.

The team has been completely overwhelmed with the level of support from both our existing community and all of our new backers. Thank you from us all ❤️

Due to the levels of demand & positive feedback we have received over the last 6 weeks, we have now decided to put our campaign to ‘In Demand’. This means people will still be able to access our Pro1-X perks for a limited period of time.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pro1-X deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

Our Pro1-X Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are now live on Indiegogo!

Limited numbers available, until 11.59pm (GMT) Monday 30th November. You won’t want to miss this!

Ubuntu Touch for the Pro1

Ubuntu Touch

Great news for all you Linux lovers! UBPorts Foundation have just launched the official Pro1 / Pro1-x installer for Ubuntu Touch OS.

You can install it using their official Ubuntu Touch Installer here: 

The Pro1-X has launched on IndieGoGo.

The Pro1-X, in partnership with XDA.

We are super excited to announce that we have now officially launched our first ever IndieGoGo Campaign to bring you the keyboard smartphone that lets you choose both the hardware and the software.

What an afternoon it has been! Thank you so much to everyone that has already shown us their support by contributing towards the Pro1-X. Because of you guys, we have already managed to not only reach, but exceed our crowdfunding goal in just 2 hours! Yes, you read that correctly. 2 hours. Onwards and upwards from here!

In partnership with XDA, meet the Pro1-X; the smartphone that gives you control. Control over your data, control over your privacy, and choice over your software. For the first time ever, a high spec smartphone running Lineage OS or Ubuntu Touch OS out of the box. Whether you’re looking for a pure Android experience with the controls to give you privacy from Google, or the immense power and convergence from a solid Linux smartphone, choose the OS that suits you best.

Key Features

The Pro1-X gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, with privacy that you control.

The unique design of the Pro1-X combines a modern touchscreen smartphone with the added functionality of a full landscape physical keyboard. Users can experience the best of both physical and virtual keyboards, integrated into one slim, elegant and beautifully crafted device.

We’ve increased the RAM (8GB) and storage (256GB) to give users the best Lineage and Ubuntu Touch experience imaginable, and we didn’t stop there… The Pro1-X comes with a special edition Sapphire Blue outer case. Function really has never looked so stylish.

Click here check out the Pro1-X on IndieGoGo!

Want to win a Pro1-X?

We have also decided to run a competition alongside our campaign, where we are giving away a Pro1-X smartphone with a personalised engraving and a pair of F(x)tec headphones to the top TWO referees.

So, once you have placed your contribution, all you need to do is share your unique referral link to your friends, family and anyone else you think might like this phone (only available when signed into your IG account).The more people you refer, the better your chances of winning! What are you waiting for?

Something special is coming on October 27th!

You may already have been notified about our big announcement last week, but if not keep reading..

F(x)tec and XDA have joined forces!

Yes, you read that correctly. We have been extremely busy recently, working with XDA on an exciting new project and we can not wait to share more information with you all. Privacy and security are now more important than ever and now we want to give you the power to take back control. 

We really can’t give away any more clues, so you will have to use your imagination for now.

Something special is coming and this isn’t one to be missed.

Subscribe to find out more and get a head-start for the early bird specials when our IndieGoGo page launches on October 27th;  




LineageOS official Pro1 support

LineageOS 16 support

After a lot of work within the community, we are pleased to announce that the F(x)tec Pro1 will now receive official LineageOS 16 support. 

The LineageOS community have done an excellent job with the adaptation to Pro1 and we are extremely thankful to all the developers involved. 

This is a great achievement for us, and a step in the right direction as we continue to work towards receiving official support for other OS alternatives which are highly demanded by our customers and the F(x)tec community. 

You can download Lineage OS on your Pro1 via the following link: 

Using zoom whilst working from home

Zoom on the Pro1

Like a lot of other companies that are now working from home, Team F(x)tec has jumped onto the ‘Zoom’ bandwagon. We have all downloaded the app onto our Pro1’s and now use it to host our daily morning meetings, as well as for a general catch up if need be throughout the day. The Pro1’s large 5.99 inch screen makes for a great display and allows us to see everyone in the team at the same time really clearly

Working with Zoom

Depending on what tasks we have for the day, we will usually have a Zoom group meeting first thing in the morning. We find that this helps to motivate us all as a team, as we are able to chat and bounce ideas off one another as we usually would in the office. It is also a great way to help us to stay organised and structure our working day. Zoom works really well on the Pro1 because not only can you host a group video call, but you can also experience split screen multitasking. This means we are able to continue with our video call, whilst working on a project and making necessary edits in real time. For example, we might be brainstorming new ideas and discussing them as a team, whilst making changes to our sales and marketing strategy and editing the excel document accordingly. 


Team F(x)tec’s top tips for a great Zoom call

  • Make sure you are in a bright room. Natural light works the best and it means that you can all see each other really clearly. 
  • Get dressed as you usually would if you were going into the office. This isn’t just to look fresh for the zoom call. We find that it helps us to stay productive and keeps us in an ‘at work’ mindset throughout the day.
  • Keep your TV/Radio turned off in the background so there is no background noise to distract you from the conversation. 
  • Remember to mute your mic when you’re not talking, or if a family member comes in the background. 

Meta description: Using Zoom for work