Forget foldables, Fxtec’s Pro1 is a $649 phone with a landscape QWERTY keyboard

One of the big breakout trends of this past week has been the emergence of a brand new form factor for mobile phones. While Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold at its own event last week, Huawei used MWC Barcelona to introduce its own foldable to the market and Oppo teased an early-stage prototype of its own.

However, one London-based company took to MWC to bring a different, slightly new form factor to the mix. Fxtec (stylized as “F(x)tec”) officially launched its Pro1 (stylized as “Pro1“) Android phone today, and while it has most of the apps and features you’ve come to expect from a modern day device, it packs one key differentiator: a physical QWERTY keyboard.

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