Using the Pro1 to pass time

With everything that is going on at the moment we are finding an increasing need to keep ourselves busy and entertained at home using our Pro1. The large AMOLED screen which sits at an optimum viewing angle of 155 degrees (with the slider open) makes it PERFECT for watching our favorite films and catching up on television programmes in our lunch breaks. Like many, our go to streaming platforms on the Pro1 tend to be Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Technology shows and podcasts

The team has also been keeping their minds busy by listening to YouTube vlogs and Spotify podcasts on the Pro1. These are a great way to keep up to date with the latest technology news and entertainment or to have on in the background whilst we work during the day. 

F(x)tec faves:

Here are some of the current favourites the team are streaming on their Pro1s this week whilst working at home:

  • Netflix: Stranger Things and Witcher. 
  • YouTube: TK Bay, Linus tech tips, Austin Evans & Mrwhostheboss. 
  • Spotify podcasts: Ted Talks Daily and Waveform: the MKBHT Podcast.


Let us know what are your favourites at the moment?