Tech Blog Writer Podcast Chats with F(x)tec on Qwerty Keyboards and Retro Tech

Adrian Li Mow Ching, founder and director, F(x)tec joins Neil Hughes on his daily tech podcast to share his vision of combining the best of what we used to have in smartphones into a modern device for today – Technology Refined.

“At F(x)tec, our vision of the ideal smartphone blends a modern handset with the very best features and technology we loved and miss, to create a perfectly balanced package that is delightful, functional, and unique. Our goal is to be the best at bringing back our favourite technology, making it better in a more modern way – that’s technology refined. ” said Adrian Li Mow Ching, founder and director, F(x)tec.

The Pro1 is equipped with a landscape QWERTY keyboard with five staggered rows and a sliding mechanism inspired by the classic Nokia E7 and N950. The slider tilts the screen to a 155 degree angle for optimal viewing. Thanks to a unique and innovative key design, the keyboard provides responsive, tactile feedback with each keystroke.


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