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Introducing the F(x)tec Thermo1

Introducing the Thermo1 Our contactless temperature scanner with built in facial recognition and attendance monitoring designed to help you to protect your people, return to work safely and reduce the spread of Covid19. Coronavirus has significantly impacted businesses and communities across the globe. The immeasurable effects of which will change the way we live, work, […]

Using zoom whilst working from home

Zoom on the Pro1 Like a lot of other companies that are now working from home, Team F(x)tec has jumped onto the ‘Zoom’ bandwagon. We have all downloaded the app onto our Pro1’s and now use it to host our daily morning meetings, as well as for a general catch up if need be throughout […]

Keeping your smartphone clean during Covid-19

Cleaning your smartphone Before now, I think it is safe to say that few people really kept on top of cleaning their smartphones amongst other devices used on a daily basis. It’s so easy to remember to wash your hands, but we sometimes forget about our smartphones and all of the dirt and germs they […]

How technology is keeping us sane in isolation

Staying social whilst staying at home For those in countries affected by the global pandemic, we are all staying and working from home, having this strange experience of no socialising with family and friends outside of our households. Our smartphones have become a very useful tool for keeping in touch with people and helping us […]

Home Entertainment

Using the Pro1 to pass time With everything that is going on at the moment we are finding an increasing need to keep ourselves busy and entertained at home using our Pro1. The large AMOLED screen which sits at an optimum viewing angle of 155 degrees (with the slider open) makes it PERFECT for watching […]

Gaming on the Pro1

Gaming at home When we don’t have our heads in our work, we have been keeping ourselves entertained at home by gaming on the Pro1. We are discovering games that are compatible with the physical keyboard, which is especially great, if like us you enjoy racing or FP shooting games such as Asphalt9 or Call […]

GBAtemp – Official Review: F(x)tec Pro1 (Hardware)

Some wise folk once said that benchmarks don’t equate to performance, so we’ll skip right to actual performance, and my experience with the Pro1 during my test has been a positive one. I’ve been using the phone for less than a week and have not encountered any issues, lags or random reboots. I’ve tested it […]

F(x)tec Pro1 smartphone hands-on review

No[kia]stalgia strikes at IFA 2019. If you miss QWERTY keyboard phones and can’t get behind the latest BlackBerrys, a London-based startup may have just launched your next smartphone, the F(x)tec Pro1. Announced with pricing and release information at IFA 2019, it runs Android and packs a faintly familiar design, provided you’re over 25. It’s certainly attention-grabbing, […]

A Key Device

F(x)tec releases a smartphone with a pop-out qwerty keyboard. There’s certainly a niche market for smartphones with keyboards, and the Pro1 brings a new take that differs from the “phone-in-a-PDA” approach favoured by Planet Computers. We have highlighted the “long tail” of the smartphone market for some time, and F(x)tec is a good example of […]

Android Circuit

Following on from a preview at February’s Mobile World Congress, London-based startup F(x)tec have released its Pro 1 smartphone at IFA. At first glance it’s a thicker Android handset with a wonderful screen and curved edges, backed up by a SnapDragon 835 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.. but a subtle push at the […]